Ceiling Lights Installation in Reading

Ceiling Lights installation

As you already know we carry our minor electrical works in Reading and the surrounding areas. The image below shows what kind of lights we install for our customers. Lights on the left hand side are both LED remotely controlled lights. Nothing worth mentioning in terms of design.

The first light you see is absolutely massive and it’s better suited for larger rooms, The assembly service was easy and the final item is not too heavy when assembled and connected. One person can lift it into place and connect it without any problems.

Second LED light (2nd row 1 image) was a Cheap LED light purchased from Amazon. It must be from China because the assembly instructions were completely useless. It took a lot of tinkering to connect 3 large separate LED pieces to the base and connect everything inside of that box.

The last image is a pretty stylish copper effect LED light. We have installed a number of similar type lights over the past few years so they must be really popular. They do look great once installed and you can get 2 different versions, cool and warm white.

If you need help with light installation, switches and sockets replacement, fan replacement and other minor electrical jobs then please contact Reading Handyman

Location: Tilehurst and Green Park Village, Reading
Handyman Service: Minor electrical

Ceiling Lights installation



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