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We offer a full range of Flat TV installations, home theatre installations, projector installations and projector screen installations, which are specialized, highly customized technology solutions for both residential & commercial clients. Based in Reading, Berkshire,  Reading Handyman is the most reliable TV mounting company that covers Reading and surrounding areas.

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Flat screen TVs, audio systems and projectors can be tricky to safely attach or wall mount, especially on plastered walls. Reading Handyman will bring along the right tools and spare wall anchors just in case if the supplied wall plugs are not adequate for the job and safely install your TV.

Contact us today and we will send a qualified handyman or a team of two, depending on the size of your TV.

One handyman can install TV sets up to 42” Two technicians will be required for the installation of 43” and wider TV sets.

Reading Handymen are experienced in mounting all types of TV sets on a masonry, tiled, concrete or a partition wall. We can even mount your TV on a plasterboard with special heavy duty wall anchors.

The most common mounts and brackets for wall-mounting a flat-screen TV are:

  • Tilting mounts
  • Cantilever brackets
  • Fixed mounts

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Projector and Apple TV Installation

TV Grid. Mounted for our commercial customer in Reading

TV Mounted and Architrave surround installed

Samsung Frame TV mounted

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my walls suitable for wall mounting a TV?

Brick and concrete walls are ideal for your TV installation service. Plasterboard walls are a bit trickier because they cannot support too much weight but with our expertise and special wall anchors which we can provide, we are confident that your TV will stay in its designated place for many years to come. Our handyman will inspect your walls first before performing this service.

Do I need to supply you with a TV wall bracket?

The simple answer is Yes, that would be ideal. In most cases, you will know your tv brand name and which TV mounting bracket will be compatible with your TV.  We can source the brackets for you if we know the exact make and model number of your TV. If you need help with that please contact us with those details and will provide you with a quote.

Is there anything I should do before I book TV installation service?

Please make sure the TV can easily fit into the desired spot in your room, check if there are electrical sockets within reach, ensure you have the bracket ready. We will connect your TV cables after we mount your TV – you just need to make sure that they are long enough to reach your other devices such as your Sky box, PlayStation and Xbox consoles and any home theatre devices that you might have.

Where should my TV be wall mounted?

That is entirely up to you. We will check your chosen location just to make sure there are no hidden wires or pipes behind the wall and if everything is clear you can have your TV mounted exactly where you want it.If your TV is going to be above a fireplace or higher than 1.5 meters high then ideally you will buy a tilting TV mounting bracket. If your TV is going to be somewhere in the corner then consider buying a swivel TV mount so you can have better control over adjusting the view.

Will your handymen bring their own tools?

We always come fully equipped and even bring heavy duty wall anchors with us just in case we need them.

2 TVs wall mounted in Caversham, Reading

We were asked to mount 2 TVs in Caversham recently. When we got there both fireplaces were covered with protective sheeting ready for TV mounting. I asked are you redecorating these rooms or something. They said no, it's just we don't want any dust falling down on our...

TV mounted and Eufy cameras installed in Reading

TV wall mounted and Eufy cameras installed in Coley, Reading. Those Eufy cameras are cute little things 😊 great little setup in a sense that it doesn't require monthly or yearly cloud subscription like Ring cameras because you get a box where all the...

Samsung The Frame QLED TV Mounted in Early

Samsung The Frame QLED Art Mode TV with No-Gap Wall Mount Mounted in Early. We have mounted a number of these TVs over the past few years and must say that they are a great piece of kit with very realistic looking pictures when in picture mode. Also when in picture...

Architrave TV surround fitted

This architrave TV surround was originally badly fitted with velcro tapes. After a while the adhesive failed and it fell down and smashed. The owner of this business had it professionally repaired and resprayed and asked us to securely fit it for them. we used 2 D...

TV mounting in Kidmore End

75" TV and Sonos soundbar wall mounted and mirror hanged. The old TV bracket wasn't suitable for this particular tv, the tv was tilting too much and there was no way of adjusting it so it was replaced and mounted onto a suitable bracket which happens to be lockable so...

TV mounting with concealed cables

This TV installation was a bit tricky because the customer wanted to have concealed cables but the wall behind it is constructed of plasterboard glued onto 2 thick sheets of plywood. The builders assured him there was enough cavity space behind it to fish out the...

TV Wall Mounting in Reading’s tallest residential building

First job in Reading's tallest residential building (16 story VERTO tower). TV mounted and skirting boards cut to accommodate remotely controlled roller blinds. Check out the views from this flat - amazing If you are looking for someone to wall mount your Tv please...

TV and Entertainent Cabinets Wall Mounted in Green Park Village

When someone calls you to mount a TV on the wall and fit a curtain pole and you end up mounting a massive TV entertainment unit from Wayfair which the customer assembled (badly), creating cut-outs at the back for sockets and at the top for cables. Then when you are...

TV Mounted & Floating Shelves hanged

This is one of those jobs when the customer asks you for a quote and then go with someone else who is cheaper. Then two weeks later they call you to fix the mess the previous tradesperson created and spend double the money as a result of it. The other tradesperson has...

Two TVs wall mounted in Reading

Two TVs wall mounted in Reading. Same customer but 2 different properties. Are you looking for someone to wall mount your brand new TV? We offer TV wall mounting services in the Reading area. One TV was mounted in the Dee Park area and the other one in West Reading We...

Our TV Mounting Process

A TV wall mounting service involves securely attaching a television to a wall to create a sleek and space-saving entertainment setup. The process typically includes:

  1. Preparation: Assessing the wall and selecting the ideal location for the TV, considering factors such as viewing height and room layout.
  2. Mount Installation: Installing a wall mount bracket onto the wall, ensuring it is level and securely anchored to support the weight of the TV.
  3. Cable Management: (optional service that usually costs more) Concealing cables and wires within the wall or using cable management systems to ensure a clean and tidy appearance.
  4. TV Attachment: Attaching the television to the wall mount bracket and securing it in place.
  5. Testing: Ensuring the TV is securely mounted and properly aligned before testing its functionality. Professional TV wall mounting services ensure proper installation, safety, and aesthetics, providing a hassle-free solution for creating an immersive home entertainment experience.
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