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Secure and hassle-free mirror & picture hanging and fitting services in Reading, Berkshire

Mirror & picture hanging services from Reading Handyman

Hanging heavy mirrors and pictures by yourself may prove a tricky business. Whilst anyone can hang a light picture here and there hanging heavy mirrors and pictures requires a bit of knowledge and experience combined with the right tools for the job. We come equipped with heavy duty wall anchors, laser align your decorative items and make sure that your mirrors and pictures are safely installed and secured. On top of that we are fully insured and offer a workmanship guarantee.

Mirror Installation and Hanging

Getting the Best Service for Installing Mirrors/Paintings/Picture Frames in Reading, Berkshire

Drilling in the right place and using adequate wall anchors or rawl plugs together with levelling and right measurements is important when it comes to hanging heavy mirrors and pictures.

Reading Handyman can hang mirrors and pictures on all types of walls including hollow plasterboard walls. We use a laser levelling tool in order to make sure that your mirrors and pictures are perfectly levelled and aligned and use metal anchor points in hollow walls which are weight rated and can support the weight of your decorative objects.

Picture Installation and Hanging Service

Hang your pictures, artwork and canvas prints at just the right spot

Reading Handyman will securely mount your artwork on any type of wall. Hanging pictures, canvas prints and paintings is best left to professionals. Regardless of the size and weight of your picture frame, our handyman will come equipped with all the necessary fixtures and fittings to hang your pictures in a safe manner. Your artwork will be securely hung, perfectly level and most of all safe regardless of how much it weighs.

Pic and mirror hanging job in The Warren, Caversham…

[ad_1] Pictures and mirror hanging job in The Warren, Caversham, Reading We don't have all the images at hand but we hanged over 20 artworks in this particular house. A dressing table with mirror and lights was also assembled and mounted on the wall. We can't show you...
Picture Hanging Baughurst

2 beautiful art pieces hanged in Baughurst

These 2 beautiful art pieces were hanged in Baughurst by our Handyman. Both paintings were purchased from Castle Fine Arts in Reading. If you have paintings or mirrors that need hanging but you don't feel confident doing it yourself then please get in touch with...

Picture hanging in Henley

Picture hanging in Henley. Simply stunning 🖼️👌🤩 This was done for our regular customer where we did a lot of other work. We washed their patio and driveway, repaired plasterboard damage above windows, supplied gardeners to redesign parts...

3 original pieces hanged professionally for a lovely couple in Early

We get to hang lots of mirrors, pictures, canvases and paintings for our clients and this was one of those jobs. All 3 paintings are originals and were purchased from Castle Fine Arts in Reading. Whilst many people try to do these jobs themselves and in most cases...

Gorgeous statement mirror hanged above a freestanding bath in Cane End

We offer mirror and picture hanging services throughout Reading and when we come across something worth sharing we post it on Instagram and that's fed into our website automatically. This gorgeous and very heavy statement mirror was hanged above a freestanding bath in...
Art Hanging

Some cool art pieces and mirrors we get to hang for our clients

Some cool art pieces and mirrors we get to hang for our clients. We also hang paintings and pictures for a few local galleries. If their clients don't feel confident that they can manage the job themselves they ask us to do it for them We hang mirrors, clocks,...

Recent paintings and mirrors hanging jobs in Reading

Recent paintings and mirrors hanging jobs. If you like fine arts then make sure you visit @castlefineart_reading for some amazing looking pieces. First and second pic on this post are from their gallery. 👌🎨 - #handyman #rdguk #berkshire #readinguk #art...
mirror hanging maidenhead

Amazing looking mirror frame hanged in Maidenhead

Amazing looking mirror frame 👌 hanged this for a lovely couple in Maidenhead. Amazing looking old property with extremely crumbly walls so they were worried how that's going to hold this heavy mirror

Beautiful Mirror Hanged in Wokingham

What a beautiful mirror. It's small things like this that make your house feel like a home On this occasion we hanged a few mirrors, headboard and some pictures for a lovely couple We hang pictures, clocks, mirrors, canvases and more. Feel free to get in touch if you...

Mirror and picture hanging in Shinfield

Mirror and picture hanging in Shinfield Every new build property needs a few small finishing touches to make it more homely. As you know Shinfield area is a major building site and we are the most recommended handymen on residents WhatsApp groups. Apart from hanging...

Need to hang your artwork on hollow walls? That’s not a problem

Mounting a heavy mirror or picture on hollow plasterboard walls can be tricky but we are well equipped to deal with your installation. Reading handyman can provide art hanging tracks, Z bars, Dyna bolts, hollow wall anchors and in extreme cases we can have your walls reinforced to handle the weight of your enormous mirror.

Did you know? We also offer curtains and blinds fitting service

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