Driveway cleaning in Reading

Professional driveway cleaning services in Reading and the surrounding areas. See some of our previous cleaning work below. We also offer patio and decking cleaning.

 Looking for a DRIVEWAY cleaning company in Reading, Berkshire?

English weather, time and use can spoil the look of your once perfect looking driveway and other outside surfaces. Dirt, weeds, moss and lichen appear over time and the only way to restore those surfaces to as new condition is to regularly clean and protect them. Reading Handyman’s driveway cleaning services include driveway pressure washing, re-sanding and driveway sealing. We use pressure washers with adjustable pressure so we can clean most surfaces and materials without damaging them.

Driveway Beforedriveway cleaned after
Driveway Tilehurst beforeDriveway cleaned in Tilehuirst after
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Driveway cleaning and driveway pressure washing

We use commercial grade patio pressure washers and use chemicals only when absolutely necessary or when clients request it. The only time we might need to use chemicals is when there are black lichen spots because pressure washing alone cannot remove black spots.

Our driveway cleaning service will restore your hard surfaces to as new condition, your driveway will look better, feel safer and improve your kerb appeal. Driveway cleaning and pressure washing services are available in and around Reading, Berkshire.

With our commercial grade pressure washers and driveway washing products, we can clean and restore your driveway to almost “new” condition. Materials that we pressure wash, seal and restore include, Granite, Monoblock, Sandstone, Concrete, Brick, Stone, Slate, UPVC, Wood and more.

Driveway cleaning service is available to domestic and commercial clients throughout Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell, Goring, Henley-on-Thames and the surrounding villages.

Driveway Cleaned in Tilehurst,Reading
Driveway cleaned in Caversham, Reading

We also clean patios & decking areas!

Patio and decking cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning outdoor surfaces to remove dirt, algae, mould, and stains.

The process typically includes pressure washing or scrubbing with specialized cleaning solutions to restore the original colour and texture of the materials. Regular washing helps prevent slips and falls by eliminating slippery surfaces, while also extending the life of the patio and decking by preventing deterioration. 

How often should you clean your driveway?

You should clean your driveway regularly to maintain its appearance and prevent the build-up of dirt, moss and algae. In general, aim to clean your driveway at least once a year, typically in the spring. Regular driveway cleaning helps extend the lifespan of your driveway by preventing deterioration and ensuring a safe, attractive surface. Additionally, prompt cleaning of spills and stains is important to avoid permanent damage and keep your driveway looking its best. If your driveway is made of brick then don’t forget to re-sand your driveway after washing. Sealing the driveway after washing and re-sanding also helps with weed prevention and staining. 

Driveway pressure washed

Driveway Cleaning Gallery

The gallery below features a collection of images showcasing our driveway cleaning work, demonstrating the transformation of outdoor spaces through thorough cleaning. Some of the visuals include before-and-after comparisons, highlighting the removal of dirt, algae, and stains from various driveway surfaces such as concrete, stone, and brick.

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