Marble patio washed and sealed in Newbury

This 80m2 patio cleaning job was in Newbury. It was first scrubbed with chemicals then power washed and finally sealed with marble sealer.

We don’t often come across marble patios. It’s probably because they are very expensive to install. When it comes to maintenance it’s pretty much the same as all the other patios. You just need to wash it regularly and if you want it to last you need to seal it properly. If you spot any damaged grout lines that should be fixed ASAP because if the water gets in and freezes and expands it will damage all surrounding grout lines and possibly crack marble tiles.

If you are looking to restore your patio to as new condition then please contact us today. We clean patios, decking areas, driveways and more



marble patio
marble patio
marble patio

marble patio cleaning


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