Painting and minor repairs in a rental flat

This is one of those jobs that you regret taking on. This flat is in central Reading above a high street shop. The first the issue was no parking so we had to carry everything from Queens Road car park which is not easy. Then it took much longer than anticipated to paint and fix all the things because we had to stain block all the walls first.

I’m not sure what those tenants were cooking but the whole wall was covered in grease spots, not just the bit you see above the hob.

Unfortunately landlords experience these sort of issues all too often. Tenants just don’t care about the property they live in because it’s not theirs. Kitchen and bathroom we truly disgusting, floor and lino damaged, kickboards broken, all walls scuffed. I don’t think that even if they were to withhold their deposit that that money would cover all the damage they caused.

Lots of landlords that use our handyman services choose to manage their properties themselves and use letting agencies just to find and vet their tenants. Obviously it’s a cost saving exercise and in most cases it works but think about how much everything will cost you to fix if you get irresponsible tenants.

Rental apartment in Central Reading : kitchen and bathroom painted, floor trims installed and kickboards fixed.


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