Leaky taps repair or replacement services in Reading

Are you having problems with your kitchen or bathroom taps? Reading Handyman will fix or replace leaking taps, unblock blocked bath, sink or toilets.

Are your taps in need of a repair or replacement? Contact Reading plumber to check availability 

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Kitchen and bathroom taps repair or replacement services from Reading Handyman

Constantly dripping taps are not only annoying but can cause your water bill to go up if you are on a water meter. Dripping taps should be fixed or replaced as soon as possible because if left unrepaired they can cause damage to your property.

Why is my tap dripping?

There are a few things that can go wrong inside of your taps. The most common problem is the washers inside your taps becomes worn over time and as a result, water seeps through the tap. Some kitchen and bathroom taps use ceramic tap valves to control the water flow and they too can get damaged over time and start causing that annoying dripping noise you hear every time you walk into your kitchen or bathroom.

Reading Handyman plumber can repair or replace your kitchen / bathroom taps in no time. We know about the mechanisms within these taps and our plumber will be able to repair them.

We will diagnose what is causing the leak and repair your taps. We come equipped with spare washers and ceramic tap glands and almost all repairs are completed in one visit.

Bathroom taps usually use larger ceramic tap glands (3/4″) which are hard to find in local shops and might need to be ordered online.

Tap replacement service

If tap repair is not going to be economical due to non-standard parts and sizes then we can replace your taps. If that’s the case we’ll advise or even source replacement taps on your behalf and come back to replace them.

Handyman Reading aims to provide a fast and reliable tap repair, replacement and other plumbing services. We’ll fix your taps and leave your property in a clean and tidy condition after we finish the job.

If leaking or dripping taps are causing you problems, contact Reading Handyman today, we’ll be happy to help.

Leaking and dripping taps – Prices

We don’t have a call out charge but we have a minimum charge of £60 per visit which covers up to 2 hours of work. in the unlikely event that we cannot fix the problem, you won’t be charged a penny. Parts supplied are charged on top of that and are charged at cost so we don’t make any money on parts supplied.

Plumbing: Areas covered

Plumbing service is available in Reading and surrounding villages.


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