What Happens When You Look For The Cheapest Handyman?

This is probably one of the worst curtain fitting jobs we’ve seen. We got called to fix 6 curtain rods and that customer used us before but decided to get someone else for this job because they were “cheaper”.

As you can see in the image below some bright spark created absolute carnage with their drill and also managed to drill through some cables. They used wrong drill bit size and wrong plugs and absolutely destroyed walls in certain places. In some places they drilled 12mm holes used 10mm plugs and tried using 4mm screws 😂. In other places they used 10mm plug then 6mm plug inside of that 10mm plug.

Out of those 6 curtain poles they managed to “fix” 4 which were literally falling off the wall as soon as the customer put the curtains up. The remaining 2 rooms were like in the image below. i think the customer had enough of their work and asked them to leave. Seriously??? Some people shouldn’t be allowed to touch a drill 😡

After seeing what they’ve done we removed everything, fitted curtain poles properly with right fixings and filled in and skimmed old holes. Now they just need to repaint those repair patches which are not even visible because the curtains hide them. I have a feeling if they decide to paint them they will again look for someone cheaper 🙂

Our advice to you when it comes to different tradespeople that you might need to call is to get someone who is recommended and has a website or Facebook page/Instagram with some of their previous works on display.

If you get someone to do whatever needs doing in your home and your main criteria is that you get the cheapest handyman then this might happen to you. You could end up with a terrible job and damaged property then you will need to call someone reputable and it will end up costing you more to put things right


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  1. Seven Ways

    wow, that’s a mess of all messes. Lucky they didn’t get seriously hurt in the event, would have definitely been a bright spark then. :/

    • Handyman Reading

      crazy stuff. I’ve never seen anything like it