2 TVs wall mounted in Caversham, Reading

2 TVs Wall mounted in Caversham

We were asked to mount 2 TVs in Caversham recently. When we got there both fireplaces were covered with protective sheeting ready for TV mounting. I asked are you redecorating these rooms or something. They said no, it’s just we don’t want any dust falling down on our floor.

You don’t need to protect your floors or fireplaces. We catch brick/plasterboard dust before it reaches any of your surfaces and leave your home spotless. Maybe these guys had a bad experience with other trades so they decided to cover everything before we arrived

TV Mounting

A TV mounting service involves securely attaching a television to a wall or ceiling to create a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing setup. The process begins with selecting the appropriate mounting hardware and locating the ideal position for the TVs, considering factors such as viewing angle and room layout. Next, the mount is installed onto the wall or ceiling, ensuring it is level and securely anchored to support the weight of the TV. Once the mount is in place, the television is attached to the mount and adjusted for optimal viewing. Professional TV mounting services ensure proper installation, cable management, and safety precautions for a seamless and secure setup.

TV Bracket

We can supply TV mounting brackets or can use brackets the customer provides. A TV bracket is a metal device designed to securely attach a television to a wall or ceiling. It typically includes mounting hardware and adjustable arms or brackets to accommodate various TV sizes and VESA patterns. TV brackets provide a space-saving and versatile solution for displaying televisions in homes, offices, or commercial spaces.

We offer fixed price TV mounting service in Reading and the surrounding areas

2 TVs Wall mounted in Caversham

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