20 years old shed refelted and given a new lease of life

Shed Refelting Calcot Reading

This 20yo shed located in Calcot, Reading was recently refelted by us. It was left to rot with damaged felt for over 2 years because apparently owners couldn’t found anyone willing to do it.

We took it on, gave them a quote for labour and materials and when the work started instantly regretted that decision to take it on. There was 4-5 layers of old felt and nails together with caked in bitumen where someone else tried repairing it and all that needed removing. Some boards were rotten and had to be replaced.

That wasn’t obvious when we had a look at it but even though the job was more time consuming and more difficult than it should have been we pushed on and charged them what we originally agreed.

One of the main problems is that they left ivy to find its way under the felt, when that happens moisture goes under and boards start to rot, if left unchecked felt will crack in no time and there is no other way of fixing it but to refelt it again and again

We ripped all the ivy and advised our customer to keep an eye on it and not allow it to reach the roof line

We offer shed refelting service in Reading and the surrounding areas. We only take on small refelting projects, For anything big or garden sheds that are used as an office you will need a roofing company that can use torch on felt or edpm rubber roofing

Location: Calcot, Reading
Handyan Service: Shed Refeltting

Shed Refelting Calcot Reading




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