3 bed house painted in Early, Reading top to bottom

house painted early

3 bed house in Early painted top to bottom Inc woodwork. Former tenants completely trashed it. I’ve never seen anything like it! All carpets also need to be ripped out and replaced.

This is what can happen if you let your house out and never bother to inspect it during their tenancy.

The interesting thing about this property is that the previous tenants asked us to take 2 TVs off the wall maybe 3 months earlier because they were moving out. We told her the price and she said I’ll give you £30. I said you don’t understand this is our minimum charge we don’t haggle or offer discounts. She was adamant that we should do it for £30. Anyways, after politely declining her offer and telling her to find someone else she kept texting the same offer and also sent her address. she also kept asking when are you coming, I have the cash ready blah blah. At this point we just ignored her until she finally said fine I agree to your price. Can you please come over to do this for me?

When we got there and saw the house I immediately thought how can people live like this? Every single wall was painted by crayons, there were holes in the wall and some doors, carpets were filthy, there were electric cables running up the stairs and into each room (probably using electricity illegally). The TVs we took down were covered in so much dust that I felt like I need a shower straight after that job.

A few months later we received a call asking us to come and quote for painting and other works. As soon as I walked in I recognised the place and told the owners what I mentioned above. Basically when the owners moved back in they literally had to spend thousands of pounds to get this house in order. Complete refurb was needed. We just painted the whole house, other trades did the electrics, flooring and other jobs. Unfortunately for the owners the deposit they took from the tenants didn’t cover much of the total amount they had to spend to fix things

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Location: Early, Reading


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