Bathroom resealing in Reading

bath resealing in Reading

Just a few pics from our recent handyman job in Reading. We were originally called because there was water coming through the ceiling light in the kitchen below every time they take a shower. It turned out that the shower control panel is loose and its seal is broken.

After we successfully fixed the leak we were called to the same property a few days later to re-grout some tiles, fix loose toilet seat and reseal bathroom and shower areas.

If you look at the image below (bottom left) you will see that a cowboy with no skills sealed their shower area. Not only does it look unprofessional but the sealant was coming off in the corners allowing water to seep through and stain the ceiling in the room below.

Bath Resealing

Bath resealing involves removing old sealant, cleaning the area thoroughly, and applying new sealant to prevent water leaks and mould growth. It requires precision and patience to achieve a smooth, watertight seal along the edges of the bath and surrounding tiles. Proper preparation and use of high-quality sealant ensure long-lasting results, maintaining the integrity of the bathroom and preventing costly water damage.

Reading Handyman Services offers a wide range of property maintenance including tilingpainting and decorating and plumbing. Contact Reading Handyman today!

Location: West Reading
Service Provided: Bathroom Resealing

bath resealing in Reading


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