Bath resealing in Pangbourne

And the award for the mouldiest bathroom ever goes to….
This bathroom was the mouldiest bathroom we ever came across. In an otherwise lovely house this bathroom was a nightmare from the beginning. The bathroom was renovated 2 years earlier and whoever did it they did an awful job.

Tiling works is shoddy, there are no window vents or extractor fans. the gap between the bath and tiles is huge so they used this plastic trim to close that gap. Not only that but the trim is shaped in such a way that it holds water at the top so that will obviously attract mould and bacteria.

Silicone looked like it was done by someone who’s never done sealing before, there were big blobs of silicone around taps that it took forever to remove everything and to do it properly. All grout lines are mouldy too and to be honest i would be concerned about my health if i had to live there and use that bathroom every day.

Without going into ins and outs if you get someone to do your bathroom make sure that they are trusted, you can see their previous work and most importantly don’t pay the full amount until you are 100% happy with their work.

We advised the client that if they can’t afford to do everything the least they should do is to have a bathroom extractor fan fitted and possibly window vents. We sealed the top of the strip as well to stop water from sitting in that channel so it runs down into the bath.

When it comes to resealing services Reading Handyman Services reseal baths, shower trays, kitchens around worktops, hobs and sinks and more.

Service Provided: Bathroom Resealing
Location: Pangbourne, Reading 



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