Beko oven repair in Reading. Heating element Replacement

Beko oven repair in Reading

Just another oven repair job in Reading. This time it was a Beko inbuilt oven which needed a new heating element. I still don’t get it why Beko can’t redesign their ovens to make it easier to replace certain oven parts. Just to replace the heating element in this particular oven you need to take it out of the cupboard, undo lots of screws and remove the back cover before you can reach the heating element. The power cable was also too short to put it on the floor so that was another unnecessary trouble we had to go through – disconnecting power cables just so that we can put it on the floor. Heating element replacement should be a quick job but this time it took us almost an hour to repair this oven.

Is your electric oven not heating, overheating or fan not working? Our Handyman can help. We can repair and troubleshoot most electric ovens and offer a no-fix-no-fee oven repair service in Reading and surrounding areas.

Oven heating element replacement

The oven heating element, typically composed of a metal coil, is the powerhouse behind electric ovens. When electricity flows through it, the resistance within generates intense heat, crucial for cooking and baking. Over time, wear and tear can affect its performance, leading to uneven cooking or failure to heat up. Replacement becomes necessary, usually requiring basic tools and careful installation. A functional heating element ensures consistent cooking temperatures, making it an indispensable component for achieving culinary perfection in electric ovens.

Before contacting Reading Handyman to repair your oven please find out the exact oven model you have. It saves everyone’s time and effort if you have all the details ready.

Location: Reading
Service provided: Heating Element Replacement

Beko oven repair in Reading



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