Bird spikes installed in Sonning

When pigeons decide to ruin your breakfast on the patio every day and you don’t want to be too cruel 🐦 💩

We don’t offer bird spike installation as a service or any other type of pest control. This was done for one of our regular clients who already had 10m ladders and knew exactly what they wanted so we were just the installers. We did advise our client on what spikes to buy and what’s the best adhesive for the job.

Directly under those spikes is a heated patio area where our client usually has its breakfast. At least once a week this stubborn pigeon would sit on that edge and do its number 2 which would land straight in front of the patio door. After a few years of ignoring the problem the client decided to do something hoping they will find another ledge on this massive house where they won’t bother him

Location: Sonning, Reading
Handyman Services: Odd jobs, Bird spike installation


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