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emergency locksmith reading

A young lady locked her self out of the house. With no house or car keys, freezing cold weather and only 5% battery left on her mobile things weren’t looking good for her. None of the emergency locksmiths responded to her calls so our handyman decided to help her out. It took our handyman less than 3 minutes to ‘break in’ – she didn’t mind how as long as she could get in to get her car keys so we drilled the top lock knowing that she’ll still be able to use the bottom mortice lock until we source and replace the Yale lock. A few days later our handyman went there again to replace the lock.

We don’t provide emergency locksmith services as such and It’s not something we do regularly but we are equipped to deal with situations like that. If you happen to need our help feel free to contact us. if we are in your area we’ll do our best to help.

Emergency locksmith

If you fancy doing it yourself then this info might help you. Drilling a lock is a last resort method for gaining entry when other means, such as picking or using a key, are not feasible. To drill a lock, use a power drill with a high-speed steel drill bit. Position the drill at the centre of the keyhole and apply steady pressure while drilling. Once the pins inside the lock are sheared off, use a screwdriver to turn the lock cylinder and open the door. However, drilling a lock damages it irreparably, so it’s crucial to consider legal implications and consult a professional locksmith whenever possible.

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emergency locksmith reading


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