Office maintenance in Reading

Office maintenance and tv mounting works

We spent 2 days in this office in Central Reading hanging whiteboards, mounting TVs, trunking, repairing lights and assembling office furniture. We mounted a number of TVs but the highlight is this TV grid below which features 4 TVs with 4 wireless Raspberry Pi devices hidden behind and 4 spare extra long HDMI cables running through trunking for laptop connections. Extension leads for TVs and Raspberry Pi power adaptors were mounted on the wall behind the screens, For office maintenance and general handyman tasks contact Reading Handyman today

The major task was to position them as close as possible so there was no room for error when it comes to measuring.  As always all TVs, whiteboards and trunking were laser aligned.

Office handyman in Reading

we can offer a range of maintenance and repair duties to ensure a safe and functional work environment. This includes tasks such as assembling and installing furniture, repairing or replacing office equipment, fixing plumbing or electrical issues, painting walls, hanging signs, artwork or whiteboards.

Additionally, Reading Handyman may handle tasks like hanging shelves, mounting whiteboards or monitors, and performing routine inspections for safety hazards. Our versatility and expertise in various trades make us indispensable for keeping offices running smoothly and employees productive. Efficient and reliable office handyman services contribute to a well-maintained and comfortable workspace conducive to business success.

If you are looking for a commercial handyman or building maintenance company in Reading then we would like to hear from you. We are fully insured and extremely reliable and can handle most task when it comes to office maintenance.

Office maintenance and tv mounting works


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