Temporary fencing job in Oxfordshire. When you want more privacy you get more privacy.

When you want more privacy you get more privacy. Upmarket property in Oxfordshire wanted to keep uninvited guests and photographers from seeing their event which was going to be hosted in their garden.

Handyman Reading team installed temporary fencing panels all around their property boundary which was facing a public road. All of the fence panels were later removed and re-used elsewhere. It’s worth pointing out that this job was organised and done sort of last minute. We had to call in reinforcements but the job was done on time and done well

Presently we don’t offer fencing as a service. We just take on fencing jobs for existing and regular clients and mainly where the jobs are on the smaller scale

Temporary fences are versatile solutions for securing construction sites, events, or other temporary perimeters. You can either have proper fence panels installed or osb boards and such materials are easy to install and remove. These fences provide safety, control access, and delineate boundaries, offering temporary security without the need for permanent fixtures.

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