Argos flatpack furniture assembly in Lower Early, Reading

Argos flatpack furniture assembly in Early, Reading

We recently assembled two 3 draws bedside cabinets from Argos in Lower Early, Reading and felt that we need to write this post to let you know that when you compare Argos and IKEA flatpack furniture quality and packaging, IKEA will win every time.

The first issue we have with Argos flatpack furniture assembly is that it’s always dusty and the protective film they put over their parts is so full of static that it attracts dirt and dust even after you remove it. We mainly assemble IKEA’s flatpack furniture but occasionally get Argos and Tesco furniture to assemble.

Evey single time we assemble furniture from Argos we are faced with the same problem. Poor packaging and on two different occasions we had damaged parts which were not damaged during transport. It means that whoever builds their flatpack furniture doesn’t have proper quality controls in place. Protective polystyrene is always damaged and crumbly and it sticks to their panels which are full of static.

If you want to buy flatpack furniture then our advice would be to get it from IKEA because they sell better quality items and there are no issues with packaging, damaged parts or returns.

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Argos Furniture Assembly

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