Handyman services in Ascot

This handyman job is worth mentioning because it shows how much a word of mouth recommendation is worth in our business. The story goes like this:

: Hi do you cover Ascot?
: Sorry I don’t
: I have a few small jobs and you come highly recommended, it would probably take 3-4h to do everything
: Sorry, you will need to find someone else who is more local
: I’m happy to pay your daily rate + 2h for petrol/travel time if you are willing to come to Ascot
: Oh, if you insist 🙄😉😊

2 mirrors hanged, utility room & shoe cupboard storage & shelving sorted. Fairly quick and easy job in an area we don’t usually cover. Another happy customer and well-paid handyman.

We mainly provide handyman services in Reading and the surrounding areas. At present Ascot is too far to travel to for small jobs.

If you would still like to use us and have enough work for a day then please get in touch

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