Trampoline assembly in Wokingham

Trampoline assembly wokingham

Ready steady go. Time to play. Trampoline assembled in Wokingham
Most trampolines can be assembled in 2-3h. Trampoline manufacturers always tell you that you need 2 people to assemble their products. That is simply not true. You will only need 1 skilled handyman which we can provide and your trampoline will be safely assembled in no time

Using our own experienced trampoline assembler, we offer a professional assembly service on all above ground trampolines. We don’t install in-ground trampolines

Every trampoline is designed for self-assembly and comes with clear assembly instructions so many customers are happy to put up their trampoline. However if you do not have the time, or technical know-how we offer an affordable trampoline assembly solution in Reading and the surrounding areas

Location: Wokingham
Handyman service: Trampoline assembly

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Trampoline assembly wokingham


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