Heavy Mirror Hanging in Woodley, Reading

heavy mirror hanging in Reading

Extremely heavy mirror successfully hanged in Woodley, Reading with the help of our trusted laser for perfect accuracy and alignment.

We had a call from someone who doesn’t live in this area asking us if we could help his mum hang an extremely heavy mirror. We got in touch with his mum and went there equipped with heavy-duty wall anchors to install the mirror.

We estimate the total weight of this mirror to be around 40 kilograms and it needed to be installed on a hollow plasterboard wall. Because the client wanted it positioned right in the middle locating the studs wasn’t an option. We decided to use heavy duty wall anchors which can hold up to 115kg. With the help of our trusted laser, we positioned the mirror exactly where the client wanted it and successfully hanged it.

Heavy mirror hanging service

Mirror hanging requires precision and attention to detail to ensure safe and secure installation. It involves selecting appropriate hardware, locating studs or using wall anchors for support, and positioning the mirror at the desired height and angle. Proper tools such as a level, measuring tape, and drill are essential for accurate placement. Additionally, consideration of the mirror’s weight and size is crucial to prevent accidents or damage. Professional installers can provide expertise in handling delicate or heavy mirrors, ensuring they are securely mounted and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space.

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Location: Woodley, Reading
Handyman Services: Mirror hanging

heavy mirror hanging in Reading


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