Patio Cleaning in Caversham, Reading

patio cleaning in Caversham, Reading

Today we cleaned this patio area for one of our regular customers in Caversham, Reading! We asked the owner when was the last time they cleaned this patio and the answer was 6 years ago. Patio cleaning is one of our most requested services.

Their gardener tried to wash it with a Karcher pressure washer and was getting nowhere. Some marks can still be seen where they tried to wash it and failed. Normally patios as dirty as this one wouldn’t be a problem for us but unfortunately there was no way to bring our petrol powered commercial pressure washer into their back garden so we had to use one of our smaller pressure washers combined with some manual labour and chemicals. As you can see in the pics below this patio area was completely neglected for years but the end result is amazing.

We try to avoid chemicals whenever possible but on this occasion, we had to use them because there was too much dirt, algae and lichen and our smaller pressure washer couldn’t remove everything.

Patio Cleaning: Remove Weeds

We moved garden furniture and plant pots first. Then we removed as many weeds as possible by hand prior to commencing the job.

Patio Cleaning: Using Patio Cleaners

To avoid any damage to their plants and lawn we used a diluted mix of water and patio cleaning chemicals and scrubbed the whole area with that solution and left it to do its job for an hour before being lightly washed off. We also treated the patio with a Fungicidal wash to help loosen the algae and grime that infested the surface and had done so for a very long time.

Patio Cleaning: Pressure Washing

Next step was to pressure wash everything and see what’s hiding under all that dirt and grime. As soon as we started it was obvious that there is a beautiful patio area hiding beneath.

Patio Cleaning: Results

After pressure washing, we gently washed the whole patio area to remove any debris that may have collected during the clean, washed their garden furniture, plant pots and small UPVC conservatory leaving everything in the words of the customer…“Patio area that looks as good as new”

If you have a patio that needs cleaning in the Reading or the surrounding areas  then we would love to hear from you. We provide FREE patio cleaning quotations without obligation. We clean patios, driveways, decking areas, footpaths, garden furniture, walls and more.

patio cleaning in Caversham, Reading



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