Plasterboard repairs and spotlight installation in Caversham

Plasterboard repairs in Caversham, Reading

Ceiling plasterboard repair and spotlight installation. With 2 coats of paint, you’ll never know the hole was there. There was a leak in the toilet upstairs and plumbers cut a hole in the ceiling whilst trying to locate the leak. Unfortunately for the homeowner, they couldn’t find the leak that way so they had to destroy floor tiles above before they located and fixed the problem.  We were called in to fix the hole and re-tile the floor. Reading Handyman also installed a spotlight once the damaged plaster area was fixed and dry. Homeowners will re-paint the ceiling once fully dry.

Plasterboard repairs in Caversham, Reading

Handyman’s plasterboard repair tips:

  • Cut the area to be repaired as straight as possible and smooth all the edges
  • Get a new piece of plasterboard, measure the hole and cut the new piece to size
  • Use plasterboard screws to fix it into position
  • Do not fill in the gaps right away. you need to use jointing tape all around the damaged area first. If you don’t cracks will appear later on.
  • Use finishing plaster to cover the area you are repairing
  • Make it nice and smooth – let it dry and paint

Fixing Plasterboard Holes

Fixing plasterboard involves securing gypsum panels to framing or wall surfaces using screws or nails. Once installed, joints are filled with joint compound and taped for a seamless finish. Sanding and priming may be necessary before painting or wallpapering. Professional assistance ensures proper installation and a flawless result.


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