Picture hanging in Reading, Berkshire

Our long-term customer asked us to hang this picture which was shipped from South Africa. They commissioned this artwork and it was based on their farm where they grew up on. This hanging job was quick and easy, it was secured straight onto a solid external wall

So, whilst this picture looks nice it obviously holds huge sentimental value and as such, we had to take extra care during installation. As with every picture and mirror hanging job we used our trusted laser tool which ensures that your artwork will be levelled and positioned exactly where you want it to be.

Picture Hanging

Picture and mirror hanging involves properly mounting and securing framed artwork or photographs to walls to create an aesthetically pleasing display. The process begins with selecting the appropriate hanging hardware, such as picture hooks, nails, or adhesive strips, based on the weight and size of the picture. Next, the picture is positioned at the desired height and location on the wall, ensuring it is level and cantered. The chosen hardware is then installed securely into the wall, and the picture is hung using wire, sawtooth hangers, or D-rings. Proper picture alignment enhances the decor of a room while protecting the artwork from damage.

Other jobs carried out at this property were mirror hanging and curtain rail installation

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Picture Hanging in Reading


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