Heavy mirror hanging in Tilehurst, Reading

Heavy mirror hanging in Tilehurst. Laser aligned and secured with heavy duty wall anchors. Reading Handyman’s long-term customer asked us to fit 2 curtain poles, 1 Roman blind and hang this heavy mirror. To anyone else, this is just a nice looking mirror but to our customer, it means a lot more because it was shipped from South Africa, survived that journey and it has sentimental value.

To make sure that this mirror will never fall off we used heavy duty wall anchors which are more than capable of holding this amount of weight. Maybe it’s an overkill but your safety is our top priority especially if you have little ones roaming around the house. We use a laser to align pictures and mirrors so when you say I want it there that is exactly where it will be positioned – no questions asked.

Heavy Mirror Hanging

Mirror hanging involves properly mounting and securing framed mirrors to walls to create an aesthetically pleasing display. The process begins with selecting the appropriate hanging hardware, such as picture hooks, nails, or adhesive strips, based on the weight and size of the mirror. Next, the mirror is positioned at the desired height and location on the wall, ensuring it is level and cantered. The chosen hardware is then installed securely into the wall, and the mirror is hung using wire, sawtooth hangers, or D-rings. Proper mirror alignment enhances the decor of a room while protecting the artwork from damage.

We offer mirror hanging and curtain fitting services. Please visit those two pages for more info or contact your local handyman.
Mirror Hanging in Tilehurst, Reading


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