Palram Skylight Shed Assembly in Caversham

This shed assembly job was one of those jobs that are full of surprises. The first task was to demolish the old shed and cut it up into small pieces which can fit into customers car so that they can take it to the tip.

Once the old shed was dismantled and the base cleaned came the assembly time. Upon opening the box and seeing how thin and flimsy the pieces were our client wanted to abandon the job and return the shed. Upon checking their emails they realised that it won’t be possible to return the shed because it’s been more than 2 month since they delivered it.

Most online reviews claim the shed is very sturdy once assembled and generally it has pretty good reviews but that’s hard to believe when you see how thin those plastic pieces are.

If you are planning to assemble this shed on your own all we can say don’t even bother starting especially if it’s windy or you will end up breaking all the panels.

It took our handyman around 5h to assemble this but ideally you will need 2 people and more space around it than what you see in the picture below because the roof panels need to be slotted into the guide rails from the sides so you might end up in neighbours garden unless you work out how to do it differently without following the instructions. Also facias need screwing in because they hold roof panels in place so you need to be able to access all sides during assembly

Another problem we came across on this job is the shed base wasn’t completely level. If that happens to you you will need to put some spacers under the shed. If you don’t your doors won’t align and close properly.

Palram Skylight 6×5 Apex Dark grey Plastic Shed needs bolting into the base. Some people skip this step but we would advise you to do it if you don’t want to find your shed in your neighbour’s garden one day after some windy weather. Bolts and plugs are supplied with the shed, you will just need a 10mm masonry bit and drill to drill 9 holes and anchor it to the base.

Once assembled Palram Skylight 6×5 Apex Dark grey Plastic Shed feels sturdy enough but the assembly process is so complicated when you compare it to the likes of Keter or Lifetime sheds.

Is it worth the money? I would say no when you think that you can get something more solid and more secure for that money but only you can make that decision, we are here to help you assemble it not to advise you for or against it

Old rotted shed demolished and replaced with a brand new plastic Palram Skylight 6×5 Apex Dark grey Plastic Shed.

Location: Caversham, Reading


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  1. Julius Pinto

    That new shed is quality.

    • Handyman Reading

      It looks good but I would not recommend it. It’s too flimsy and extremely difficult to assemble. If you want a plastic shed then I’d say go for Keter or Lifetime sheds