Wooden shed assembly in West Reading

New home for a mobility scooter. Wooden shed assembled for a lovely old lady in West Reading.

We were doing some work in the property next door and the gent asked if we could assemble this shed for his neighbour who relies on her mobility scooter. Leaving it outside in this weather wasn’t ideal and covering and uncovering it every time she wants to use it was just requiring too much effort.

The shed was assembled in no time and door threshold removed to allow easer access. Finally we fitted this aluminium ramp which she will use to drive up to the shed on her mobility scooter

We don’t have any details about this shed such as who is the manufacturer or what’s the model name because the manual was sitting outside in the rain for months and was unusable. Having said that out of all the wooden sheds we assembled over the years this one was so easy to assemble that we didn’t even need to read assembly instructions

We assemble furniture, gym equipment, trampolines, plastic and wooden shed and everything in between that comes flat-packed. For more info please see our Flatpack Assembly Service page.

Wooden shed assembly service


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