Bathroom tiling and painting works in Reading

Bathroom tiling in Reading

This bathroom tiling job in central Reading turned out to be a real nightmare. The customer wanted us to remove the old shower, replace a few broken tiles and re-grout that wall. Sound simple right?

It was immediately clear that most of the tiles are loose and not sticking to the backboard. When we removed some of the tiles it was clear that the backing board was wet and covered in black mould. We removed the old shower and fittings and some of the tiles – cleaned the backing board and gave it a few days to dry naturally before going back to install new tiles and re-grout everything. In the meantime, the customer asked us to paint the bathroom, reseal bath and sink and replace a few lights in her apartment.

Moral of the story: If you notice that your grout is falling out in certain places then you should address the problem immediately – don’t wait for too long or you might end up with this exact problem. Water going behind your tiled wall and destroying everything.

If you are looking for a tiler in Reading, call Reading Handyman today. We provide a wide range of property maintenance services in Reading and the surrounding areas.

Location: Central Reading
Services provided: bathroom tiling | Minor electrical

Bathroom tiling in Reading


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