Floor tiling job in Caversham, Reading

Floor Tiling Caversham

Small tiling job in Caversham. This is what happens when heating engineers try to locate the leak.
There was a leak somewhere in the floor and plumbers had to destroy floor tiles in order to locate and fix the problem.  We were called to re-tile the floor and fix the hole they created in the kitchen ceiling.  You can see more about plasterboard repair here

Floor tiling after a water damage

Fixing tiles after a water leak is a crucial step in restoring the affected area to its original condition and preventing further damage. The process involves several steps to ensure proper repair and long-term durability.

Firstly, the affected tiles and surrounding grout must be carefully removed to assess the extent of the damage and allow for thorough drying of the substrate. This may require using a chisel, grout saw, or similar tools to carefully remove the tiles without causing further damage to adjacent surfaces.

Next, the substrate, such as drywall, cement board, or plywood, should be inspected for any signs of water damage or mould growth. Any damaged or compromised areas should be repaired or replaced as necessary to ensure a stable and moisture-resistant surface for re-tiling.

Once the substrate is prepared, new tiles can be installed using appropriate adhesive or mortar. Care should be taken to ensure proper alignment and spacing of the tiles, and any necessary cuts or adjustments should be made to ensure a snug fit around obstacles or edges.

After the tiles are installed, grout is applied to fill the gaps between them, providing a uniform and waterproof seal. Grout colour should match the original grout to maintain a cohesive look, and excess grout should be wiped away promptly to prevent staining or build-up.

Finally, the newly tiled area should be allowed to dry thoroughly before being sealed with a waterproof sealant to protect against future water damage and ensure long-term durability.

Professional tile repair services can provide expertise and assistance in fixing tiles after a water leak, ensuring a thorough and effective repair that restores the beauty and functionality of the affected area.

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