Thermostatic shower installation in Central Reading

thermostatic shower installation in Reading

Our long-term customer from London who owns a rental property in Reading contacted us recently and asked if we could help him out. His tenants complained there was no hot water in the shower and it needed to be fixed ASAP. Rather than waste time investigating which model and which thermostatic cartridge will fit that particular model and where to source it from he asked us to get a brand new Cooke & Lewis thermostatic shower and replace the old one. Our handyman bought it from Screwfix and arranged a suitable time with the tenant to carry out this plumbing job.

If your thermostatic shower stops working you don’t need to replace the whole thing. As long as you know which model it is, you can probably find a replacement thermostatic cartridge and just change that part. Bear in mind that replacement cartridges can cost almost as much as the new thermostatic shower so in some cases it might be more economical to replace the whole thing. You will not find spare thermostatic cartridges in your local hardware stores – you will need to know exactly what you are looking for and order it online.

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Location: Central Reading
Handyman Services Provided: Thermostatic shower installation

thermostatic shower installation in Reading


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