11 chandeliers and ceiling lights installed in Reading

light installation reading

This ceiling light installation job was done for one of our regular customers in Reading. They bought a new build home and Reading Handyman helped them with blinds and curtains fitting, mirror and picture hanging, flat pack furniture assembly and finally we replaced all the lights in this property.

New build homes come with basic ceiling lights and it’s up to you if you want to keep or replace them. They decided to replace everything, ordered new lights online and called our handyman to replace them.

Ceiling light installation

Light installation involves mounting light fixtures to the ceiling and connecting them to the electrical wiring. The process begins with turning off the power, then securely mounting the light fixture base or bracket to the ceiling. Wiring is connected following safety protocols, and the fixture is attached, tested, and adjusted for proper alignment. Professional installation ensures safety and optimal functionality of the ceiling light.

Lights in new build homes

New build homes often feature energy-efficient light fixtures but to save money they just install basic light fittings which cost less than £2 to buy. These fixtures may include recessed lighting, pendant lights, and LED fixtures, providing ample illumination while bringing nothing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

We offer minor electrical services in Reading such as replacing lights, sockets, switches and more. Need help with something? Reading Handyman would like to hear from you.

light installation reading


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