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Mirror Hanging in Reading

Commercial handyman services in Reading. Sensory room for adults and children with special needs. Large mirror secured to the wall, cabinets and soft matting installed and made sure that everything is safe with no hard edges and lose objects in order to prevent accidents and injuries. This charity is doing a great job helping adults and kids with special needs with courses, relaxation sessions and more.

Commercial Handyman services

Commercial handyman services in Reading cater to businesses, offices, and commercial properties by providing maintenance, repairs, and installation services. Our skilled professionals offer expertise in various trades to address a wide range of needs, ensuring that commercial spaces remain safe, functional, and well-maintained to support business operations.

Sensory room installation

A sensory room is a specially designed space that stimulates the senses to provide therapeutic benefits for individuals with sensory processing disorders, autism, or other developmental disabilities.

These rooms typically feature a variety of sensory equipment and activities, such as colourful lighting, soft music, tactile surfaces, and interactive toys.

The aim is to create a calming and engaging environment where individuals can explore and regulate their sensory experiences. Sensory rooms are commonly found in schools, therapy centres, hospitals, and homes, where they help promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, improve focus, and enhance overall well-being for individuals of all ages and abilities.

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Mirror Hanging in Reading

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