Clearlight sauna installed in Sonning

Clearlight Sauna
Clearlight sauna installed in Sonning. Expensive but great bit of kit

These classic Cedarwood saunas are made from eco-certified wood, are the perfect place to relax and soak up the healing heat from 7th generation True Wave Far infrared heaters.

This is a 2 person sauna which comes with some optional extras such as built in Bluetooth speakers, heat protected glass cabinet for your iPad/small tv together with chargers and cables. It truly is a great piece of kit which also comes with built in control panel where you can adjust mood lighting, heat and sound volume.

There was one issue only and we were called after to see if it’s something that can be fixed. The USB charging module in the cabinet wasn’t charging customer’s iPad. we took it out and measured the voltage and it turns out that it wasn’t supplying enough volts for iPads to be charged. Customer called their support and they sent an updated replacement module without any problems. That was done as soon as the replacement part arrived. it’s just a case of unscrewing 2 screws and unplugging the board (pro tip: make sure you don’t lose the supply cable in the cavity wall when you disconnect the old board)

This was done for our regular customer in Sonning, Reading and it was a 2 person job. It was installed in their pool house with no space to spare on either side. We also installed one extra waterproof socket dedicated to this sauna

Clearlight Sauna


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