Flatpack Furniture Assembled in Eversley

Oak bunk bed and velvet King size bed assembled in Eversley

We assembled these 2 beds for a lovely customer who contacted us after his father in law recommended us to him. Furniture had to be assembled on a certain day because they were moving into their new house and need beds to sleep on that night.

What made this job really difficult was the lack of space in the small room where we assembled the bunk bed. it took much longer to assemble it than it normally would but we managed to position it on that wall after it was half assembled and completed the assembly process from there.

For those of you interested it’s called Orion Bunk Bed

When it comes to flatpack assembly, lack of space always complicates things, especially when wardrobes from certain retailers need assembling. Some wardrobe carcasses can be assembled upright (ikea) and some need to be assembled on the floor before being lifted into place. So if you are thinking of calling someone to assemble your flatpack furniture please make sure that you have plenty of free space available in those rooms. it will make everyone’s life easier

We don’t normally cover Eversley when it comes to small jobs but are willing to travel if it’s an all day job.

We assemble pretty much everything that comes flat packed, That Includes sports equipment, furniture, trampolines, sheds and more



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