Commercial flooring fitting job in central Reading

commercial flooring fitting in Reading

The pictures below are from a popular gym/ fitness place located in Reading town centre. This floor fitting job had to be done late at night to minimise disruption and to allow the adhesive to set before they open up the place in the morning.

Gym flooring rubber mats will stretch over time in high-traffic areas, bubble up and become a trip hazard if not secured properly. It looks like the original installers had used a spray adhesive which is ok for carpets but not for rubber mats that are secured on a dusty concrete surface.

Gym rubber mats and floor fitting

Gym rubber mats are essential for creating safe and supportive flooring in fitness facilities. Made from durable, shock-absorbent rubber, these mats provide cushioning to protect against impact during workouts, reducing the risk of injury. They also offer excellent traction, promoting stability and grip for various exercises.

Gym rubber mats are versatile and easy to install, making them suitable for use in home gyms, commercial fitness centres, and exercise studios. With their ability to absorb noise and vibrations, these mats enhance the workout environment, allowing individuals to train comfortably and confidently while protecting floors from damage.

If you want to convert a room or your garage into a gym/studio and need floor fitting such as rubber flooring installed then contact our handyman. We can supply and fit interlocking rubber mats, assemble gym equipment and more. Reading Handyman can supply and fit any type of flooring: from interlocking rubber mats to solid wood flooring. Contact us today if you are looking for flooring fitters in Reading.

commercial flooring fitting in Reading


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