Kitchen Painting in Finchampstead

Recent kitchen makeover in Finchampstead. This painting and decorating job was done just before Christmas for a long-term customer and there were a few challenges along the way.

One the first day we lost some time because there were 3 guys from a window installation company installing French patio doors. On the second day, we had to work around an electrician and then on the last visit we had to fix and paint some plaster that sparky messed up. The original kitchen installers made a mess around granite worktops and upstands so we had to reseal it properly before painting the walls.

From bare plaster to fully finished kitchen in 3 days (should have been 2 days). We also painted a plastic extractor fan ducting with the same wall colour paint so now when you look at it you don’t even see ducting that runs on top of the cupboards. This kitchen was a normal size kitchen with limited natural light. They’ve extended it and added French doors thus almost doubling it in size.

Kitchen painting

Kitchen painting involves revitalizing the heart of the home with a fresh coat of paint. We will meticulously prepare surfaces, such as walls, cabinets, and trim, by cleaning, sanding, and priming as needed. Careful attention is paid to protect countertops, floors, and appliances from paint splatter.

Choosing the right paint colour and finish is essential to achieve the desired aesthetic, whether it’s a modern, neutral palette or a bold accent wall, We can supply your chosen colours. We’ll ensure even coverage and smooth finishes, enhancing the kitchen’s ambiance and longevity. With precision and expertise, kitchen painting transforms outdated spaces into vibrant and inviting culinary havens.

Kitchen painting and decorating

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