Kitchen installation in Tilehurst, Reading

kitchen installer in reading

Out with the old in with the new. This particular customer found us on Google and after seeing our work and reviews decided to use us to improve the look of their outdated kitchen.

New worktops, hob, sink and tap installation in Tilehurst, Reading.

The customer originally wanted to get a brand new kitchen because she couldn’t stand those brown worktops and small round sink that didn’t have a draining board. We advised her that all her doors and cabinets are in excellent condition and that if she wants to change only the worktops and sink/hob that we could do that and it will be a lot cheaper.

So we gave her two quotes. One was to supply and fit a new kitchen from Howdens or to supply and fit new worktops, sink and gas hob. They decided to go ahead with the latter option and you can see the results below. To complete this kitchen transformation process they also want to get rid of those brown tiles and install Karndean flooring which will be done by our handyman at a later date.

Kitchen fitters

We don’t offer kitchen fitting and installing as a service but we might take on smaller jobs where full rip out is not required and everything else that comes with it

Kitchen fitting involves the professional installation of kitchen components such as cabinets, countertops, appliances, sinks, and fixtures to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing cooking space.

Skilled professionals meticulously measure, assemble, and install each element, ensuring proper alignment, functionality, and safety. Attention to detail is crucial to achieve a seamless and visually appealing result. Additionally, kitchen fitters may offer guidance on layout optimization, storage solutions, and material selection to suit the client’s needs and preferences.

With their expertise and precision, fitting services transform empty spaces into fully equipped and stylish kitchens that enhance the overall functionality and value of a home.

kitchen installer in reading


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