Faulty valve replaced in Whitley, Reading

plumbing header tank valve replacement

Header/storage tank – faulty valve replaced in Whitley, Reading. It’s a messy job, but someone has to do it.
This was one of those plumbing jobs which should be easy and quick but unfortunately, the homeowner didn’t know where the stopcock valve is. We looked in all the usual places and couldn’t locate it. The only option was to find the main water feed that’s usually somewhere outside on the street. There was so much snow on the street that it took us a while to locate the cover and valve.

Water was trickling from the overflow pipe and their whole patio was like a mini ice rink thanks to the freezing cold weather we had in March. If your cold water header tank or cistern in your attic overfills, excess water flows safely via the overflow pipe to the outdoors. It’s not a major issue but it’s one of those things that should be fixed sooner rather than later especially if you have a water meter and pay for your water based on usage. Obviously, the cost of this water wastage can mount up if you don’t fix your ballcock valve.

If you are looking for a plumber in Reading then contact Reading Handyman. Our handymen can fix most minor plumbing issues in your home such as leaking taps, toilets and cisterns, header tanks and more.

If you are going to attempt repairs yourself then get a Peglar valve. Peglar valves cost around £10 and will last longer than cheap Chinese valves you can buy off eBay.

plumbing header tank valve replacement


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