Curtains and blinds installation in Kennet Island

Curtains & blinds fitting in Reading

This curtains and blinds installation job was completed recently in Kennet Island, Reading. It’s one of those exclusive apartments in Kennet Island where a concierge greets you and shows you around. Some say that the Stig can park his car there for two hours and he won’t get a parking ticket.

Interesting story from this job

Upon arriving the owner showed me around and also asked me to replace some lights and then left me saying he’ll be back later. A few minutes later his mum turns up – sweet old Chinese lady that was here visiting her son. She couldn’t speak any English but she kept talking to me in Chinese for over an hour. Obviously I didn’t understand any of it but we managed to smile, laugh and gesticulate all that time 🙂 I realised after our conversation that the Chinese language is not that hard and apparently my Chinese accent is very good 🙂 By the time I finished the job I learned that she is from Shanghai, how to say “my name is”, “how are you” “handyman” and “please and thank you” in Chinese. During this Chinese lessons class this sweet little lady taught me how to pronounce many words – unfortunately, she couldn’t explain what most of them mean in English but it doesn’t matter because my pronunciation was almost perfect.

The owner comes back and hears me saying thank you in Chinese to his mum. Clearly shocked/confused he asked me Do you speak Chinese? I said I do now and told him the story. Great guy! That was the only time we spoke – 2 months later I get a call from someone claiming to be his friend asking me if I can do some work for him. At first, I couldn’t work out who recommend me until he mentioned his friend’s mum and my Chinese lessons 🙂

Most calls we get from this new development located in South Reading are either for furniture assembly service or to fit curtains and blinds because this development is fairly new and new flats/houses are still being built on that site- everyone needs curtain/blinds and furniture right?. Having said that we have done a number of different jobs in that area over the past few years. Our first job there was to replace all the light fittings in a new flat, then we had 2 oven repair jobs, 1 front door lock replacement, 1 tiling repair job, emergency boarding up after a failed break-in and security light installation.

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