Coving installation in Reading, Berkshire

Transforming a little girls bedroom in Reading. We used real Gyproc coving for this job and even though none of the corners in this old property were at 90 degrees with the right tools we worked out all the angles, cut and installed all coving without a hitch. This room was later painted in pink and light grey Roman blinds were installed.

Handyman services we provided: Painting and decorating,  blinds measuring and installation and coving installation

Handyman’s tip: When installing coving probably the most important thing is to get the angles right. You don’t want to have huge unsightly gaps in every corner that need filling in. When using heavy Gyproc coving always score the wall with a knife to provide a rough surface for coving adhesive to stick to. coving adhesive sets really fast so don’t mix too much of it unless you can use it within 10-15 minutes. Always wet the wall/ceiling with a damp cloth before you put your coving up – this will give you some extra time to move and reposition your coving and the walls won’t soak up all the moisture from your adhesive.

Coving Installation in Reading, Berkshire


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