Home gym equipment assembly in Shinfield, Reading

home gym equipment assembly Shinfield

Home gym equipment assembly in Shinfield. Here we have a programmable electrical bike and a multigym equipment that we assembled recently is Shinfield, Reading. The owners are busy professionals who commute to and from London every day and don’t have enough spare time to go to the gym every day so they decided to convert their garage into a gym.

Proper gym flooring was installed and our handyman also insulated their garage doors and installed a drought excluder on the garage door.

Home gym Assembly

Pro tip: If you are going to assemble a multigym like the one below yourself then make sure you use an electric drill/driver because there are 100+ screws, nuts and bolts in total that need fixing. If you try to do that with a spanner and screwdrivers it will take you all day to assemble it and your hands will be sore for a few days.

What’s a multigym

A multigym, also known as a multi-station gym or home gym, is a versatile exercise machine that allows users to perform a variety of strength training exercises targeting different muscle groups. It typically consists of a sturdy frame with multiple stations, including a weight stack or plates, pulleys, cables, and various attachments such as a lat pulldown bar, chest press, leg developer, and more. Multigyms provide a compact and convenient solution for individuals looking to build strength and muscle mass in the comfort of their own home, offering a comprehensive workout without the need for multiple pieces of equipment.

Thinking of converting your garage into a gym? Reading Handyman can help. We can source and install interlocking rubber flooring, gym equipment, insulate your garage doors and more. Contact us today.

Reading Handyman Services also assemble flatpack furniture, sheds, trampolines and more

Location: Shinfield, Reading
Services: Gym equipment assembly

home gym equipment assembly Shinfield


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