Decking area washed and painted in Tilehurst, Reading

Decking area in Reading

This decking cleaning job in Tilehurst, Reading was a real challenge. The owners didn’t maintain it for a few years so the paint started peeling off and some sections started to rot. We had to strip off most of the paint by using chemicals and our trusty pressure washer. Once that all was done we applied two coats of dark oak decking paint and as you can see the finished result looks amazing. Additionally, we also painted some walls and cladding on the house so by the time we finished with everything the garden looked like new, years of neglect fixed in 3 days.

All external rendering was stained and tired looking. soft washing it didn’t make much difference so we painted it white.

Wooden cladding above the patio door was also painted. To see more images from this cleaning job please see our Instagram page by clicking here

Decking Cleaning

When it comes to wood cleaning we only use electric pressure washers with adjustable pressure nozzles and when it comes to chemicals we only use them when absolutely necessary.

Deck Cleaning and Painting

Decking cleaning and painting are essential maintenance tasks that preserve the beauty and integrity of outdoor decking. Cleaning removes dirt, grime, and mould build-up, preventing deterioration and ensuring a safe surface. Oiling and painting provides a protective barrier against moisture  and other environmental factors, preventing warping, cracking, and decay.

Together, cleaning and oiling enhance the longevity of the decking, maintaining its natural beauty and structural integrity for years to come. Regular decking maintenance ensures that the decking remains a functional and attractive feature of outdoor spaces, providing a welcoming environment for relaxation and enjoyment. Decking area


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