Decking Cleaning In Caversham, Reading

Here is another great decking cleaning result. This decking area has not been washed or treated for over 5 years. Although still in OK condition end boards have started to rot and the owners were going to scrap it and replace it with brand new decking area. After they were quoted silly price for materials (all prices for building materials have gone up because of the covid situation) they decided to see if it can be rescued.

Some boards were replaced then we pressure washed it and oiled it with Natural Oak oil and the results speak for themselves. It looks great and it will last for many years to come as long as they wash and treat it every year.

Decking area washed and oiled for a lovely couple in Caversham. Colour : natural oak
We clean decking areas, patios and driveways in the Reading area only

Decking cleaning and oiling are essential maintenance tasks that preserve the beauty and integrity of outdoor decking. Pressure washing removes dirt, grime, and mould build-up, preventing deterioration and ensuring a safe and not slippery surface. Oiling provides a protective barrier against moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors, preventing warping, cracking, and decay.

Together, cleaning and oiling enhance the longevity of the decking, maintaining its natural beauty and structural integrity for years to come. Regular decking maintenance ensures that the decking remains a functional and attractive feature of outdoor spaces, providing a welcoming environment for relaxation and enjoyment.

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decking area in Caversham, Reading
decking area in Caversham, Reading before cleaning
decking area in Caversham, Reading after cleanuing
decking area in Caversham, Reading after oiling


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