Extremely slippery decking area washed and stained in Reading

Decking area cleaned

Extremely slippery decking washed and protected with the clear anti-slip stain in Reading. This was done around mid-September which is normally quite late but the lady was fed up with it being like an ice rink when wet and decided that she wants it done now and that she wants to use antislip stain.

Luckily the whole week was nice and sunny so the staining process was completed a few days after we washed it. We received a nice recommendation on Facebook from the happy customer which is always nice to hear.

We wash patios, driveways, decking, garden furniture and more. We also offer re-sanding, sealing, oiling and staining service. Please contact us today if your decking area is in need of some attention.

How to prevent slippery decking?

You can use decking anti-slip oils which are specially formulated oils designed to enhance the safety of outdoor decking by providing a non-slip surface. These oils contain additives such as silica particles or microbeads that create a textured finish, improving traction and grip, even when the decking is wet. By reducing the risk of slips and falls, anti-slip oils make outdoor decking safer for use, especially in areas prone to moisture or where children and pets play.

Additionally, these oils also offer the benefits of regular decking oils, providing protection against moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors to prolong the life of the decking and prevent it from rotting.

Service: Decking cleaning and staining
Location: Reading

Decking area cleaned


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