Decorating job in central Reading

painting and decorating central Reading

Decorating job in central Reading. Wallpaper replaced, walls painted, bath and kitchen re-sealed and locks changed. All done in a day – ready for viewing and new tenants in no time. This was done for one of our largest clients who own a number of upmarket rental properties in and around Reading.

Their long-term tenants decided to move out. Now it was the perfect time to freshen up the place and make it more presentable. As you can see in the pic below, wallpapering was the most important job. We had letting agents coming in whilst we were there, bringing people to view the flat and all of them asked us if we are going to replace the wallpaper and what colour is it going to be. It’s simply amazing to see how one feature wall can transform the property. That is the first thing people see as they walk in and with the right lighting, it just looks stunning. We also installed 2 new curtain poles, resealed bathroom and kitchen, Painted a few walls and touched up the rest where it was needed, replaced the lock cylinder and posted new keys to their letting agents.

Talking about the keys it surprises me that many landlords still don’t change locks when they get new tenants in. If you don’t change your locks you don’t know what your previous tenants might do or who else has a copy of those keys. If you are a tenant you should always ask your landlord to replace the locks when you move in. Trust me, it happens all the time – old tenants “pop in” to get their mail and stuff. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

painting and decorating central Reading


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