IKEA and Argos furniture assembly in Reading

Busy day assembling furniture from Argos and IKEA. Reading Handyman recently assembled 2 office chairs, 2 desks, 1 ladder shelving unit and 1 metal filing cabinet for a customer in Coley, Reading.

IKEA and Argos furniture

After assembling hundreds of flat pack furniture items over the years it’s safe to say that IKEA’s furniture is much better quality than Argos. Argos flatpack furniture feels flimsy, is generally more difficult to assemble and packaging and furniture panels always feel dusty and dirty. It’s not a huge issue but when you assemble furniture on a daily basis one cannot help but notice these things.

Argos VS Ikea

Argos and IKEA both offer a wide range of furniture options, but they differ in various aspects. IKEA focuses on modern, minimalist designs with an emphasis on affordability and DIY assembly. In contrast, Argos offers a diverse selection of furniture styles at varying price points, often with options for home delivery and assembly services. While IKEA is known for its innovative product designs and streamlined shopping experience, Argos provides convenience and accessibility with its extensive catalogue and nationwide presence. Ultimately, the choice between Argos and IKEA furniture depends on individual preferences, budget, and shopping preferences.

We offer furniture assembly services in and around Reading. If you need help with your flatpack furniture then we would love to hear from you. For more details about our furniture assembly service please visit Furniture Assembly Services page.
Flatpack furniture assembly in Coley, Reading


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