Keter FACTOR plastic shed assembled in Wokingham

Keter FACTOR 8X6 plastic shed assembled in Wokingham

We have assembled a number of these sheds over the years and can definitely say that you don’t need 2 people to assemble it. You just need a skilled handyman who will assemble this particular shed on his own in 4-5h

Please note, before you ask us to assemble your Keter shed you will need a flat and sturdy base for it. We don’t offer base building so you will need to get a labourer to either concrete the area or lay down some paving slabs.

Keter Factor garden shed makes storing just about anything simple and elegant. The Keter 8 x 6 apex shed is made out of a durable and weather-resistant resin that has a fine wood-like texture for looks and incorporates steel reinforcement for sturdiness.

he only part that was a bit difficult was to push the roof into place while holding it at an angle where it won’t catch the side of the centre groove, you’ll know once you install it, definitely recommend finding a helper for this part

Also if your base is not %100 flat you might experience problems with door alignment and also when it comes to slotting the roof panels in

Keter shed assembly service is part of our flatpack assembly service. Contact us today for a quote

Keter Shed Assembly Wokingham


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