Monster trampoline assembled in Green Park Village, Reading

Where is my garden space gone? I didn’t think it’s going to be that big #toolatenow

This is probably the largest domestic trampoline you can buy. Assembled for a customer in Green Park Village. The customer was shocked when they realised they have no garden space left.

We regularly assemble trampolines and would like to advise you to check the actual dimensions before you purchase a trampoline especially if your garden is on the smaller side like this one.

In this case they spent money on a trampoline they hate, their neighbours will hate, paid us to assemble it and I suspect will call us soon to disassemble it 🙂

Trampoline assembly service in Reading is part of our flatpack assembly services. We assemble sheds, trampolines, flatpack furniture, exercise equipment and more

If you have a trampoline but don’t feel confident that you can assemble it yourself then please get in touch. Reading Handyman can help




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