Patio And Driveway washing in Caversham, Reading

Patio and driveway washing in Caversham, Reading

The picture below is an example of what kind of transformation you can expect when you use Reading Handyman’s patio and driveway cleaning service.

For this particular job, we used our commercial petrol powered pressure washer because the area was extremely dirty and the homeowner didn’t want us to use any chemicals because he is a keen gardener and was worried that those chemicals might damage his plants.

Apparently, it takes him 2 days to wash everything with a small pressure washer and he was shocked to see how clean the patio and driveway were when we finished. With 10 litres of petrol and 5h later this patio and driveway were restored to a nearly new condition.

Like what you see? Contact us today with your pressure washing requirements. Please tell us the approximate area size when asking for a quote.


Patio and driveway washing in Caversham, Reading


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